Amy Wu, yoga teacher Barcelona

Amy Wu, yoga teacher Barcelona

1) Why and how did you became a Yoga teacher?

Big question! I decided to study the YTT for myself and self only. I realised I needed to change something within, my attitude my lifestyle and studying yoga at the YTT seemed the logical answer.
Plus I was looking for an excuse to go to India for years. I went to India Rishikesh with the idea of gaining as much knowledge for myself and start a stronger home practice. During the 1 month training I changed so much – physically not so much, I was exhausted but mental a 360 turnaround. Then i knew i had to keep yoga in my life on a more permanent basis (and once I rested my body showed the results of the training).
I didn’t know what to do as a job after the course. I was a bit of a free spirit and thought attempting to teach yoga was a good option – well at least try.
I soon discovered that I wanted to be a yoga teacher and give back to others the knowledge I had gained from my practice. I continue to learn, as a practitioner and teacher with every practice.

2) Do you Have any tips/advice to give to the future students?

It will be a tough month! But enjoyable and 100% rewarding.
  • If you’re not used to 5am wake ups and 2 practices a day then this can be a shock to the system.
  • From my personal experience I recommend to complete a YTT for yourself development. You have no idea how you will feel when you have to stand in front of 15-20 people and give instructions.
  • You may thrive you may hate it. If you train as a teacher for your own development and self knowledge you will not be disappointed to go down this path. When teaching realise it’s tough – inspiring people to come back every week, finding people to come to the class (if you work for yourself) it’s a tough business, marketing, promoting your classes and when it doesn’t work it can be de-motivating.
  • But most of all keep your own practice! You can’t be a hypocrite and not practice what you are preaching.
  • Keep developing yourself. Namaste
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