Anna W Davis, yoga instructor Chicago

1) Why and how did you become a yoga teacher?

I was a Cecchetti-trained ballet dancer growing up. I tried many different styles of yoga throughout my highs school and college career, but did not fully dive into my practice until I moved to Chicago three years ago. My mom was struggling with another cancer diagnosis, and I needed a safe space to process my emotions and the unpredictability to come. I lost my mom in February of this year to ovarian cancer and I would not be where I am today without the time I spend on my mat. December 2017 I enrolled in a 200RYT program with Corepower Yoga (CPY) to help others find a space all their one, learn how to meet each individual where they’re at when they step foot on their mat, and invest in growing myself.

2) Do you have any tips/advice to give to people dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher?

  • Network all you can.
  • Attend classes everywhere you go and thank the teacher in person after your class.
  • Keep an open mind and try other styles of yoga – you may find a better fit for what your mind, body, and spirit crave.
  • Do not become stagnant – yoga challenges you to test your limitations, strengthens more than just your physical body, and puts you in positions to face yourself every single practice.
  • Come to understand the potential of yoga in your life even off of your mat.
  • Utilize social media and do not be afraid to message someone whose message and voice you admire.
  • Educate yourself – there are so many different styles of yoga and ways teachers are trained.
  • Find a niche through regular practice that will help you narrow down what you want in your teacher training.
  • Lastly, understand your strengths and weaknesses and accept that everything is a work in progress.

Anna W Davis

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