Eva Peel, Yoga instructor – Paris

Why and how did you became a Yoga instructor?

Because I felt the urge to transmit this beautiful discipline that has transformed my life, therefore after numerous classes and workshop both in France and in India, where I decided to follow a teacher training and to teach.
Also being a musician, I started to integrate music into my practices in order to accompany Vinyasa classes, it is a dynamic form of Yoga and it matches my work.

Have you any tips to give to the future students?

Future students have to be motivated, curious and more than anything regular in their practice, I would recommend to practice diverse forms of Yoga such as Hatha, Iyengar, vinyasa and Ashtanga, in order to find the most suitable practice.

Eva website for more information: https://cosmicyogafrance.com/

Eva will be part of the BeYogui Event Summer 2019.

Yoga Teacher Training in Spain
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