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Why and how did you became a Yoga teacher?

I became a yoga teacher to share the beauty I feel when I practice. To share that with others is the greatest gift. I technically became a yoga teacher after my first teacher training in India but it really didn’t begin for me until I met my guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, right in my hometown of New York City. It seems to me I had to purify myself a bit first to fully receive his teachings. It is my honor to share them with you.

Why and how did you became a Yoga teacher?

Practice with joy! Never jealousy. We are all in this together, sharing the practice from our strengths and improving upon our weaknesses. Everyone has something to offer. Remember, the practice of yoga isn’t just poses! There are so many different avenues to reach the ultimate goal of Self-Realization…to find out who you really are. That’s what this vast practice brings. Have a healthy combination of determination and play and you will go far!

Jerome Burdi is a certified Dharma Yoga teacher in New-York, he will be part of the BeYogui Event Summer 2019.
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