Nabin Thapa, yoga instructor from Nepal

Why and how did you became a Yoga instructor?

I was use to nature and Yogic surrounding. As being born in a village where Yoga, spirituality & Shaman healers were part of his nurturing community close to the rhythms of nature, where Yoga. in my teen age i started noticing the value and benefit of Yoga and body work, specially being sports person. this environment led me to an interest in the field of yoga, healing through touch and energy work.

Have you any  tips to give to the future students?

Yoga is something we don’t talk and explain rather it’s total practice. it’s beautiful journey and unity of body & mind then every things falls in to right place which is inner space. “Now” is your time so find your self in yoga mat and let the Breath guide you. Om tat sat

Since 2001, Nabin has focused most of his time in Ireland, teaching and practicing. In that time he has worked in various healing centers, yoga studios and hospitals, primarily in the Dublin area. The creation of “Anahata is a culmination of years of dedication to the healing arts.

Nabin Thapa will be part of the BeYogui Event Summer 2019.

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