Natahli Millecam, yoga instructor Amsterdam

1) Why and how did you became a Yoga teacher?

I had a severe back problem of doing a lot of sports and couldn’t move properly anymore because of pain. Through that process I starter doing yoga and later on pilates.
I felt how I was changing within. Accepting more and looking at the pain in a prospective of a witness. What did it wanted to tell me? That changed my life ❣️And I give all my classes on a restorative base. That could be next to the body, mind and spirit…

2) Do you Have any tips/advice to give to people dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher?

Have your intentions and boundaries clear when you learn another person to move with the body from a place of compassion and emotions.
Next to that ask yourself: Why are you driven to be a teacher? What is the source where you are coming from?
First know yourself and heal yourself. Do your inner work. Trauma release, inner child work, breath work and learn to be silent before you learn to teach…
Good luck on your path
Natahli Millecam
Yoga Teacher Training in Spain
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