Rachel Papernick, yoga instructor Spain

Why and how did you became a Yoga Instructor?

Becoming a yoga teacher happened quite organically for me. I was eager to go deeper into my own practice, and my passion for the practice led me to talk a lot about yoga to others… so much so that people would ask me to do a class for them… And then one thing led to another and I was looking into certifications. I did a 200HR one here in Barcelona, but to be honest the real training comes after your certification course. The real training comes from the actual teaching;
– from learning how all kinds of bodies move (or don’t move)
– seeing how everything is connected–body+breath+energy
– from experiencing the actual energetic shift in a student as you’re in an assist together,
It’s all about building instinct and intuition about human bodies, energy and transformation…
I think you really learn the magic of yoga by teaching…and of course never ceasing to be a student. It’s a beautiful, never-ending cycle of giving and receiving…and I hope to be able to enjoy this journey for the rest of my life.

Have you any tips to give to the future students? 

Be curious about yourself and your body. Be open to experiencing all the new or “weird” stuff that comes with being in a yoga practice–whatever the kind of yoga you are practicing! Just be curious and experiment with it all. Also, try to practice every single day. Even if it’s 10 minutes of savasana or meditation or 5 breaths in downward facing dog! Just make it part of your every day routine and I am certain you will feel a difference in your physical and mental state.

Rachel Papernick is a certified Hot Yoga teacher in Barcelona, she will be part of the BeYogui Event Summer 2019.
Yoga Teacher Training in Spain
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