Tristan Cox, Yoga instructor in US & India

Tristan Cox yoga instructor in Us & India

Why and how did you became a Yoga teacher?

After almost a decade of working in corporate America I was overweight, stressed, unhealthy, and unhappy. At first I found solace in yoga for the physical benefits. Over time yoga became less and less about exercise.

Like you’ve probably discovered for yourself, yoga helps in many ways. It helped me reduce stress, increase flexibility, calm the mind, and so much more. Yoga eventually led me to meditation.

Through meditation I realized money was not going to make me happy. I decided to quit my job to travel the world. I discovered new places, cultures, and people. While attending a 10-day silent Buddhist meditation retreat in Myanmar I saw a vision of my future. It was to immerse myself in yoga and spread it far and wide. As I continued meditating, the vision for Shanti Yoga crystallized.

It’s a vision where the entire world is filled with yogis. There are no wars. There is no dogma. There is no suffering. There is only peace. And that’s what shanti yoga means: peace.

Have you any tips to give to the future students?

Focus on positivity, love, and compassion.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. It’s really that simple.

Tristan Cox, E-RYT 500
Shanti Yoga School

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